Best Places in the USA to See Bats

Congress Avenue Bridge, Austin, Texas

Every night in the summer, the largest urban bat colony in the world emerges from under Austin’s Congress Avenue Bridge. The colony is made up of approximately 1.5 million bats, who inhabit the crevices under the bridge, that make ideal bat roosts. Each night, the critters consume approximately 10,000 to 20,000 pounds of insects. The nightly emergence of the bats is an incredibly popular attraction, and annually, over 100,000 people come to witness the spectacle.

Lubee Bat Conservancy, Gainesville, Florida

The Lubee Bat Conservancy is an international organization dedicated to protecting fruit bats and their habitats through research, conservation and education. It is home to the largest collection of fruit bats in the world.

Where Else Should You Go to See Bats?

Kasanka National Park, Zambia

Zambia’s Kasanka National Park’s swamp forest is home to 10 million straw-coloured fruit bats, annually between October and December. It is a wonderful place to see bats in the wild. The park is also easily accessible by paved roads from the capital, Lusaka.

Caves, Gunung Mulu National Park, Borneo

Gunung Mulu National Park in Borneo features several caves, including Sarawak Chamber (the largest cave chamber in the world). Across the park, the caves are inhabited by more than 12 species of bats, though the most famous spot to see bats is Deer Cave, home to over 3 million bats that roost on the roof of the cave.

Learn More About Bats

The Number of Species

Over 1,100 different species of bats have been identified. This is approximately 20% of all of the mammals in the world.

Straw-Coloured Fruit Bats

These bats can be found only in sub-Saharan Africa, and eat mostly fruit. The animals can be seen in the early evening as they head out in search of food. Straw-coloured fruit bat can live up to 3 decades in the wild.

Indiana Bat

The Indiana Bat is a medium-sized species. It can range in colouring from brown and black to grey. They are only 1 or 2 inches in length. The weight is about ¼ of an ounce.

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